About Me

Professional Event Planner

Perez Play was born in 2014 out of a passion for helping other people and bringing the community together no matter the cost.  Jennifer Perez started planning photography events in 2003 when she started modeling and gaining connections. She has since been featured in Kotaku and Time Out for her convention and special events!


She knows the hardships the community faces as far as economical and tries her best to make every dream event come true at any budget!


Perez Play is fully capable in handling weddings, princess & lolita tea parties, character birthdays and special events! She has a team of photographers, videographers, dj's, hair and makeup stylists, bakers, caterers, performers, bands, dancers, costumed characters, promo models, circus performers, graphic designers, seamstress, crafters, event planners, and much more to make every event unfathomable become a reality!


She is a work from home mom and has a husband that deals with anxiety and Chrohn's and has dealt with her share of hardships that gives her the strength and empathy to help others. Each profitable event has a portion donated back to charity to give back to the community and she has several groups and programs to help those in need.


We hope you’ll join us for one of our many events. We host also many free community events in NYC and NJ and travel to you as well!

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